New Day CrossFit Coaches

Kevin Jackson

Owner/Head Coach Kevin Jackson has been CrossFitting for an impressive seven years and specializes in barbell movements. Kevin has played multiple sports all his life, and he qualified for the national Junior Olympics in 8th grade. His wife introduced him to CrossFit,...

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Ryan Blank

Coach Ryan Blank has been CrossFitting for four years and specializes in mechanics and movement. He’s passionate about making positive impact through education and fitness in his community. Ryan’s favorite part of coaching is sharing his exuberance for natural...

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Annaliese Blecha

Coach Annaliese Blecha has been CrossFitting for five years. Her favorite thing about coaching is seeing the dynamic that develops between gym members. "CrossFit is technically an individual sport, but you would never know seeing the way these athletes encourage,...

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Mark Burrows

Coach Mark Burrows has been CrossFitting for three years. His favorite thing about coaching is seeing the athletes work on things that they previously said they could not do. Mark was a gymnast in high school, a cheerleader in college, a volleyball player before...

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Arlene Gaylord

Coach Arlene Gaylord has been CrossFitting since 2006 with the Martin’s of the Brand X Method.  Her specialty is youth fitness and scaling movements. Her goal is make fitness accessible to the masses. Ranging from elite athletes to the Puppies (5-8yo) in our...

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