Title:  Youth Coach

Certifications (Please spell out acronyms):  Brand X Method Basic Course Certification, Brand X Method Advanced Course Certification, Brand X Method Professional Youth Coaches Certification

Years CrossFitting:  12

What do you specialize in?:  Youth training, Olympic lifting

What are you passionate about?:  I want to help every kid that comes through our doors to be better. 

What do you love most about coaching your members?:  I really feel strongly about teaching kids to move well.  They are an undervalued commodity that we need to teach how to be as adults. They grow up with or without what we tell them, so we should help them be the best they can be. I try to get each kid to realize that they are capable of so much more than they think and then help them find a way to be their best selves.

What is your athletic background?  I began youth sports at age 5 and played everything I could before settling in on Football and track and field in high school and college.  In college I played running back, linebacker and defensive back and then switched to throwing the shot put and hammer at a DIII school in New England.

How did you end up as a CrossFit coach? I was fortunate enough to start learning about functional fitness at Brand X which was one of the first five original CrossFit Affiliates.   Under Jeff and Mikki Martin and all the other amazing coaches who are pioneers in the field of youth coaching, I learned about quality movement and how to bring it to others.  I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and they showed me that it is possible to follow your passion for helping others.  It was at Brand X that I took my Level 1 certification in 2010 and my first youth coaching certification.

What path brought you here?:  Arlene and I have been blessed to have professions that have taken us to several places over the last 12 years.  We’ve attended numerous affiliates during that time.  Some for long periods and some for not so long periods because we found that we did not agree with the philosophy of the coaches/owners, and that is OK.  Everyone will have what they are comfortable with, but when we pick a place to call our fitness home we look for certain things.   After looking at several places in the area, we found New Day.

What do you do when you’re not CrossFitting?  When I’m not at the gym, I tend to be at work or hanging out with my family.  We don’t always get a lot of time together during the week so when we can, we try to make the most of it.  Other than that, I still try to occasionally get to the track to throw the shot put and discuss.  The local track community has some meets that I try to get to.

What’s your favorite quote?:  My favorite quote is ““From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked”.  I’ve been fortunate in my life to have been given more than I could ask for and I feel that I have a responsibility to help others.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I’m mostly a quiet person and sometimes get in my own head, so if I’m working out or just wandering around the gym not saying anything, it’s nothing personal.  I tend not to say too much (especially in larger groups) but if you ever have questions that I can help answer, just ask me.

Funny, interesting stories you’d like to tell? When Arlene and I met, she was already working out at Brand X and she wouldn’t stop talking about this thing called CrossFit.  I would have to tell her to stop talking about this thing and that it was a cult.  She typically responded with “yeah, it’s a cult of awesome”.  This went on for about three or four months before she finally dragged me to a class.  I nearly lost it in the workout (mostly because of my own ego) and I happened to find a nice place outside of Brand X to lay down and recover after.  It was right near the puking bush (my own name for that spot not Brand X’s).  With that, I was hooked and luckily some of the Brand X wisdom rubbed off on me and I realized that this thing called life is a marathon and not a sprint.  So my outlook goes more for fitness and quality of movement and not for passing out.