Coach Mark Burrows has been CrossFitting for three years. His favorite thing about coaching is seeing the athletes work on things that they previously said they could not do. Mark was a gymnast in high school, a cheerleader in college, a volleyball player before marriage, a sailboat racer after marriage, a soccer coach as the kids grew up, and a Crossfitter when I saw Father Time coming to visit.

“My younger sailing friends were tough to keep up with and New Day was recommended, so I went in and I have never left. Some of the athletes think that I sleep at the box because I’m always here!” he said

Mark’s favorite quote is, “Illigitimata non caborendum. (Don’t let the bastards grind you down). This quote is very symbolic of Mark at the box. As he has set goals and expectations of himself and his athletes and As Mark’s love for CrossFit grew he and coached Kevin talked about becoming a coach and new goal was set and he became the newest coach at the box. Mark said the one thing to know about him is, “He’s not a secret agent!”


  • CrossFit Level 1