Coach Arlene Gaylord has been CrossFitting since 2006 with the Martin’s of the Brand X Method.  Her specialty is youth fitness and scaling movements. Her goal is make fitness accessible to the masses. Ranging from elite athletes to the Puppies (5-8yo) in our Youth Training program. 

Her passion for fitness and her ability to know how and when a young athlete may need to scale movements while maintaining the stimulus of the workout – has made her into a high-level coach that will always have your best interest in hand.

Arlene enjoys mentoring our young members as they make steady progress with their fitness and having fun while doing it. Arlene said, “New Day is more than just a place to come to work out.”

When Arlene isn’t at the gym, she working 10 hours a day during the week and spends the rest of her time with her husband, kids and the FitFam at New Day.


  • Brand X Method Advanced Kids